Pendulum Mill PM

The POITTEMILL pendulum mill is a vertical mill using compression forces on a bed of material. The vertical shaft drives a mobile consisting of several pendulums mounted on ball-and-socket joints. Each pendulum carries a free roller rotating around its own axis. The rotation of the mobile and the articulation of the pendulum generate a centrifugal force on the roller. The product is crushed between the roller and a fixed track.



Short product residence time between grinding elements

No hydraulic system for compression

Greater internal ventilation than other types of vertical mills

Gentle shredding to achieve the desired fineness with minimum over-shredding

Low energy consumption

Direct drying down to 20% moisture content

Easy and efficient adjustments and settings

Save up to 40% energy with our grinding technology.


Operating principle

The raw material is fed into the machine by the feeder and falls to the bottom of the shredder. Rotating plates pick up the raw material and throw it between the roller and the grinding ring. Air enters the mill through inlets at the base, below the grinding ring, and sweeps the fine and medium fines upwards. The grinding chamber acts as a first classification stage. Particles mixed with air enter the classifier located above the grinding chamber. The ground material is classified and the oversized particles are returned to the grinding chamber for further reduction. The fine particles are transported to the cyclone collector or air filter, separated from the air and discharged.


Technical data

Particle sizes

Infeed 0-30 mm, outfeed 20 µ to 500 µ


150 kg/h to 200 T/h

Pendulum Mills installations