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About us

The group

POITTEMILL has specialised since 1933 in the design and production of industrial equipment for grinding, drying, micronising, classifying and processing powders.
Our solutions are used in a wide range of sectors, including milling, food processing, chemicals, minerals, building materials and other industries.

About us

Products and Innovation

At the forefront of innovation, the POITTEMILL Group has been designing its own equipment for over 90 years in order to offer customized turnkey solutions. With almost 80% of sales to export markets, our company can accompany you anywhere in the world.

POITTEMILL is a leader in the powder micronisation process, known mainly for its pendulum mills (OEM equipment manufacturer).

More than 7000 installations worldwide in over 100 countries. As a supplier of industrial solutions, the POITTEMILL Group has strong expertise in several sectors of activity such as the food, chemical, fertilizer, drilling bits, pharmaceutical, nuclear and defence industries, etc.

Quality and expertise
Energy and environmental performance
Safety and ergonomics

Our Vision

A world where more and better value is placed on better living

Our Statement

To provide our customers with innovative solutions ranging from processes to the installation of equipment enabling them to achieve the best possible performance in their market, increase their profitability, reduce their environmental impact and improve working conditions for users.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to be the undisputed and preferred global player in bio-industrial processing and positive-impact materials, recognised for its most innovative and respectful solutions.

Our Reasons

  • Our customers are major industrial players with a global presence who need partners capable of supporting them with reliable solutions anywhere in the world.
  • The industry is in the midst of a digital and environmental transition, in a world seeking meaning and commitment, values and respect, the preservation of resources and action for greater sustainability.
About us

Our philosophy

The POITTEMILL Group’s ambition is to design tomorrow’s shredders today, always striving for progress and innovation in shredding and classification techniques, based on know-how and experience acquired over several decades.

The POITTEMILL Group’s know-how is based on its organization. With the help of a competent technical team, made up of a design office at the cutting edge of technology and a research and analysis laboratory unique in France, the POITTEMILL Group supports you at every stage of your projects, from design to commissioning for complete shredding, drying and classification installations perfectly adapted to your needs.

Our goal is to become a worldwide reference in the field of powder micronisation. The success of our customers is the guarantee of the group’s expertise.