Engineering 4.0

Equipped with the latest industrial engineering technologies, the POITTEMILL Group provides a service that integrates the constraints of your projects.

The project begins with the first contact with the customer, and continues through to final commissioning and beyond, thanks to our after-sales service. The quality of the services provided by the POITTEMILL Group has one key objective: the long-term satisfaction and success of their customers.

Engineering 4.0


To define the process best suited to your needs, we carry out the following tests on samples of your raw material(s) in our specialized, fully equipped laboratory, the only one of its kind in France:

● Inlet size and particle size distribution.
● H2O moisture content.
● Mohs scale hardness and Hardgrove Index (HGI).
● Inlet inlet temperature and outlet particle size distribution.
● Rated and maximum industrial throughput (T/h): for greater efficiency.

We cooperate fully with our customers to obtain as much information as possible about the products to be processed, in particular their microscopic structure and specific handling risks.

Engineering 4.0

Preliminary flowsheet

Once the granulometric test results have been obtained, a preliminary flowsheet is drawn up in the form of an equipment circuit diagram. As we make a point of offering our customers tailor-made solutions, flowsheets are unique for each raw material and each plant.
Engineering 4.0

Prototype testing

The POITTEMILL Group has a semi-industrial pilot plant that integrates our entire product range, enabling us to determine and demonstrate the most appropriate technical, financial, and environmental solution for each customer project. In-depth discussions with the customer take place prior to the raw material characterization and grinding test phases.
Engineering 4.0

Design roadmap

Once the first grinding tests have been completed, the equipment is ready to be designed. Our design office prepares a second, definitive equipment circuit: the design schematic. This serves as a blueprint for the final “turnkey” project.
Engineering 4.0

Turnkey project

Once the key design and production stages have been completed, the project is ready for delivery. Our concept of “turnkey” solutions is based on the guarantee that your plant or individual shredder is designed, assembled and commissioned by a team of professional engineers and technicians.

We provide comprehensive training for the personnel responsible for operating the equipment. An after-sales service and maintenance team is also available if you wish to opt for customized service. We stock a wide range of spare parts in our workshop, enabling us to react quickly to cover your needs.