After-sales Service

The POITTEMILL Group’s after-sales service is the final link in the chain for our customers. A specialized team of assembly and commissioning technicians is on hand to carry out maintenance, audits and updates on customers’ installations. The after-sales service can offer advice on replacement stock management to ensure optimized supply of spare parts and minimize machine downtime.
After-sales Service

After-sales service

The after-sales service is qualified to assemble and repair small machines in our workshop and carry out the following tasks:

● Preventive maintenance of installations
● Suggestions for spare parts and supplies
● Detection of plant problems
● Assistance in the development and optimization of grinding processes (assisted by an engineer)
● Modifications and updating with the latest technologies (Audits, Retrofitting) even for long-standing plants
● Disposal of old plants

Please do not hesitate to contact the POITTEMILL Group for further information on the services provided by our after-sales department.

After-sales Service

On-site repair

If you need on-site support, we’re ready to send technicians anywhere in the world.

The service will include exchange or original spare parts, technical adjustments, reassembly of machines and, on request, restarting, with, of course, explanations and advice to your staff to ensure that we all learn from a service problem.