Audit, Revamping & Optimization

Optimum settings and system parameters are often modified or forgotten over time, and we very often find systems operating well below the original performance guarantee conditions.

POITTEMILL offers solutions to optimize energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprint of existing systems.

We can visit your site to :
• Assess your system’s performance and determine the corrective action required.
• Assess the performance and suitability of the process in relation to the product and fineness required.
• Identify equipment in need of overhaul to improve reliability or yield.

Audit, Revamping & Optimization

Revamping & Modernization

The POITTEMILL Group offers individual revamping solutions for the modernization of existing grinding systems. systems. The revamping of milling systems results in better product quality and maximizes yield. efficiency. Upgrade your existing processing plant with the expertise of our technicians to your plant specifications.
Audit, Revamping & Optimization


• Optimized performance.
• Improved product quality.
• Reduced specific energy requirements.
• Improved degree of separation.
• Explosion protection (ATEX).
• Increased system availability.
• Reduced cleaning time.
• Updating of specific standards.
• Optimization of grinding process parameters.

Audit, Revamping & Optimization


A team of experienced engineers work in the POITTEMILL Group’s design department, drawing on over 100 years of specialist knowledge.

Supported by qualified design technicians and state-of-the-art IT tools (fluid mechanics design programs, the latest 3D technologies, HP Workstation Z420 CAD workstations), the design office can offer a full range of services to help you precisely determine your needs and deliver a solution that considers the economic, environmental, spatial and safety constraints of your project.

Audit, Revamping & Optimization

Our services

• Feasibility studies
• Drafting of specifications
• Audit of existing installation
• Advice on maintenance, energy, and optimization
• Granulometric analysis and testing
• Design, supply, and commissioning of complete plants