The R&D FPX milling unit is a variant of the Forplex universal mill (FNG). It has the same features as the FNG, but can handle larger batches than the FNG00 or BLX. This mobile milling unit is used for small-scale industrial production.

Like other laboratory mills, the FPX’s main body is made from a single machined block of 316L stainless steel, with no handling required to prevent product retention inside the mill. It can be installed in a variety of ways, depending on requirements:

– On a mobile platform,
– In a closed (mobile) unit
– Within the production line



Laboratory-scale industrial design :

Extrapolable results with industrial production mills, including steel hopper

Shaft air injection to prevent dust infiltration and contamination in multi-product applications

Same advantages as the FNG universal impact crusher :

Various crushing tools (hammers, pins, paddles), numerous applications and sectors of activity...

Simplified cleaning, maintenance and operation


Operating principle

Finally, the FPX can be used to process heat-sensitive products, or products presenting a risk of explosion or combustion in contact with oxygen (ATEX certification).


Technical data

Rotation speed

Max: 18,000 rpm (113,097 rad.min-1)
Min: 12 000 rpm (75 398 rad.min-1)


50 kg/h (110 lb/h)

Output particle size

500 microns