Crumbling system with rotor and grids for crumbling products in the form of agglomerated or clumpy lumps or blocks. The ELX can be easily cleaned, and access to the interior and parts in contact with the product is easy. Usually fitted with a knife rotor, the ELX lumpbreaker can also be used with a blade rotor, better suited to finer products that tend to clog.



Slow rotation speed :

less than 1m / second

Equipment can be designed to integrate an ATEX installation

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Compact equipment

Options available :

cryogenic installation, inerting, integration into ATEX zones 2, 22, etc.


Operating principle

Particle size is determined by the perforation of the screen and the grinding tool. Their low rotational speed (less than 1 meter / second) enables the product to be processed without generating excessive heat or dust. Their compact design makes them easy to integrate into existing installations.