BRF (dual-rotor universal mill)

The BRF dual-rotor universal mill is an evolution of the FNG universal mill. The BRF’s design is based on FORPLEX impact crushers (such as the FNG or FPX models) but is engineered with two oppositely driven rotors, enabling much higher linear speeds than with the single-rotor FNG universal crusher (up to 200m/s).



Compact equipment :

reduced footprint

Achieves low finenesses :

thanks to a design that accepts high rotation speeds (over 200 m/s)

Ease of use and maintenance :

Easy access for maintenance operations

Suitable for greasy or heat-sensitive products :

thanks to a large grinding chamber

Simplified particle size control

Operating principle

The product is fed into the center of the shredding machine. Grinding is achieved by impact and attrition on the raw material between the two pin plates. Material fineness can be adjusted by rotation speed or feed rate, as well as by setting the air gap between the rotors.
Only pin plates are available on this type of equipment.