ATM (Attrition mill)

Attrition grinding (self-crushing of particles by friction, impact and shearing). The product is ground between several rotor elements and a lined stator.

2 types of construction are available: Vertical axis or Horizontal axis. The horizontal-axis machine was developed to change all the linings and grinding components in place without dismantling the rotor and the machine’s external bearings, in order to protect them from temperature in the case of grinding with drying.



Granulometry control in conjunction with a selector or sifter

Grinding temperature control under ambient air or refrigeration for heat-sensitive products

Inert gas injection for safe grinding of flammable products

Simultaneous grinding/drying with recovery of the energy released by grinding for the drying operation

Operating principle

3 grinding principles :

  • Self-shredding of particles by attrition
  • Particle shattering
  • Shearing of particles between blade tips and stator splines

A complete range : 

From the pilot ATTRIMILL 8 with a production of a few kg/h to the ATTRIMILL 600 with a production of 25 T/h depending on the product and fineness required.


Technical data


below 40 microns

Power supply

Up to 720 kw installe


25 tons per hour

Drying level

up to 85% moisture content