The MA (or Hammer Crusher) is an impact crusher that crushes by percussion between a rotor fitted with hammers (or knives) and a stator fitted with a grid that ensures the desired particle size. It is generally used as a pre-crusher upstream of a crushing plant; the MA crushes blocks of raw material into smaller particles that can be processed by a fine mill.



Large production capacity :

over 100 tons per hour

Extremely robust equipment

Reversible stainless-steel tools :

to extend plant life

Ease of use and maintenance


Operating principle

Products are fed tangentially into the crushing chamber, then conveyed by hinged hammers on a rotor rotating at high or medium speed. Products are crushed in the lower part, above the sieve or perforated plate. Products remain in the machine until they have reached the particle size required to pass through the screen.


Technical data

Production capacity

> 100 Tons /h

Crushing fineness

200 microns

Installed power

100 kWh