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Installation Options
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POITTEMILL and FORPLEX adopt different processes according to the product to be treated and the nature of the forces applied to the product. These processes can be added simultaneously or successively as options to respond to a specific problem.

Each installation can benefit from these options if the product allows. The POITTEMILL and FORPLEX pilot plant is responsible for the implementation of these processes.

Drying can be achieved during the grinding or classifying operations by adding hot gas. This dual process allows for reduced investment and considerable energy savings when compared with standard separate operations.
Installation inerting by the introduction of inert gas ensures the risks of dust-explosion are eliminated.
Grinding operation carried out at up to – 130°C by adding liquid nitrogen. Advantages of cryogenic grinding: -Enables the grinding of tough, rubbery or viscous products (rubber, plastic....); -Preservation of the structure, taste and aromatic qualities of raw materials containing water or fat; - Increase in output capacity; - Elimination of fire-hazards or risks of explosion.
Particles are coated by the addition of an additive during grinding / classifying. Application example: Calcium carbonate coating with sterate, pigments or resins...
Enrichment involves the mass separation of hetergenous materials to eliminate impurities. Application example : Clay ....
Delicate grinding process for fibrous products in order to separate the fibres without damaging them. Application examples : Paper, fabric,..
POITTEMILL et FORPLEX ont développé des système de broyage soumis à la legislation européenne ATEX afin de travailler sous Atmosphère Explosive. Ce type d'installation est primordial pour tous types d'applications : métallurgie, industrie agro-alimentaire, usines de laques, industrie pharmaceutique, raffineries, etc.En fonction de la zone ATEX ou la catégorie, mais aussi des propriétés explosives des différents produits, les installations seront plus ou moins résistantes. Les équipements sont confinés afin de garantir la sécurité de l'entreprise et de la vie humaine.