Informations about COVID19 situation

Dear partners, Dear customers, We are all facing an exceptional health crisis that requires us to take exceptional measures. POITTEMILL and FORPLEX remain by your side more than ever.

Therefore, as the protection and health of our employees remains an absolute priority, we have taken the necessary measures and adapted our organisation in order to continue our activity and ensure you the best possible quality of service during this unprecedented crisis.

Most of our employees are now teleworking and all our activities are maintained. Your usual commercial and technical contacts remain available and reachable by telephone, videoconference or e-mail. The activity of our test station continues and operates normally to this day.

There is no doubt that we will have to work differently for some time to come, however we continue to progress on your projects and do our utmost to reduce the impact on your own activities due to this force majeure situation.

The degraded production of some suppliers and the reduced capacities of the carriers will generate inevitable disruptions in the production of our equipment and the efficiency of our after-sales service. We will try to limit the effects to the extent of our capabilities. We will send you news on a regular basis, and whenever we have something to share with you.

For any need, request or information, you can always contact us at the following coordinates:

On behalf of the entire POITTEMILL and FORPLEX team, take care of yourself, your employees and your loved ones.