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The Universal Laboratory Mill (FNG00) is the smallest crushers of the FNG range. The main body is made of machined 316L stainless steel single block, it is intended for the small installations of grinding in laboratory. FNG0000 was designed to be able to be settled on a table. The motor and transmission of the crusher are totally enclosed. Smaller, more compact, it possesses nevertheless the same characteristics as a crusher Forplex Nouvelle Génération: variable speed, easy plate change, etc.

Throughput up to
kilograms per hour (batch).
Fineness down to
Variable speed, up to
Feeding inlet size up to
Advantages and benefits
Why to invest on our Universal Laboratory Mill ?
Industrial design with a lab form-factor.
Totally scalable results with industrial (larger) mills, and steel feeding hopper included.
Compressed air blowing in the shaft
To avoid powder coming into the bearings and cross-contamination in multi-product applications.
Same advantages than the Universal Mill FNG
Many grinding tools and plates available, adaptative for every application sectors ...
Easiness of cleaning and operating
Simplified with easy access.