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The power of hydraulics.
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The Cylinder mill, commonly known as the Roller Press works by crushing the material between two cylinders kept under pressure by a hydraulic system (2 to 10 T/linear cm).

This mill uses a patented process of pulsating pressure that reduces the level of vibration and contributes in reducing energy requirements and prolonging the service life of wearing parts. It is able to treat high production capacities (up to 500 T/h) and produce fine particle sizes (10 to 1000 microns).

Cylinder mills allow for energy savings of up to 30% compared with mills that use traditional crushing methods. The cylinders are equipped with an anti-abrasive coating which combined with their slow processing speed provide the grinding solution with the longest service life on the market.

Large production capacities, up to
tons per hour.
Energy savings up to
% compared with traditional mills.
Fine particle size down to


A very high hydraulic grinding pressure enables the material bed to be ground by crushing. One of the rollers is mobile and the air gap adjusts automatically in relation with the input material and piloting of the hydraulic pressure. The piloted hydraulic shock absorption coupled with the pressure pulsation (POITTEMILL patent) reduces shocks and vibrations that could damage the anti-abrasive coating and the mechanical system. The pressure pulsation facilitates the feeding of the cylinders and unclogs the pads at the mill outlet.

Advantages and benefits
Why to invest on our Roller Press ?
Large production capacities
Up to 500 tons per hour.
Very long service life
Up to more than 40 years for one roller press.
Low energy consumption
compared to other traditional ball mills.
Low maintenance costs
compared to other traditional ball mills.