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The POITTEMILL pendulum roller mill is a vertical mill that works by compressing the material bed. The pendulums mounted on a star wheel are driven by a vertical shaft. Each pendulum is fitted with a grinding roller that rotates upon its axis.

The rotation of the star wheel combines with the articulation of the pendulum to generate a centrifugal force at the grinding roller level.
The product is ground between the grinding roller and the fixed bull ring.

tons per hour
Fineness down to
Up to
percent of moisture
More than
PMs installed around the world


The raw material is introduced into the machine through the feeder and falls to the bottom of the mill. Rotating plows scoop up the raw material and project it between the roller and the ring where the grinding takes place.

Air enters the mill though ports in the base under the grinding ring, and sweeps the fines and medium fines upwards. The grinding chamber acts as a first classifying stage.

The particles mixed with air enters into the classifier above the grinding chamber. The ground material is classified and the oversized particles returned to the grinding chamber for further reduction.

The fine particles are carried to the cyclone collector or the air-filter, separated from the air and discharged.

Advantages and benefits
Why to invest on our Pendulum Roller Mill ?
Low energy consumption
30% lower than a ball mill
Absence of hydraulic system for the compression of the material.
Greater internal ventilation than other types of vertical mills
Adjustable grinding
Goal : to obtain required fineness with a minimum of over-grinding
Easy and efficient adjusting
Easy to set up, easy to operate, easy to maintain