Classic Lumpbreaker
The best equipment to break-down raw material.
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The size reduction of raw materials is often essential at the machine inlet or the beginning of a handling line.

The EHX FORPLEX Lumpbreaker is designed to break down crumbly products that are in a clustered, clogged, chunk or block form.

Three types of adaptable rotors are available depending on the products and/or applications: Knife rotor, Blade rotor and Coil rotor.

They are available in different materials (Steel, Treated steel, Stainless steel) with finishing adapted to customer requirements.

Low rotation speed : less than
meter per second.
Throughput up to
kilograms per hour (depends of product).
Power installed up to
Advantages and benefits
Why to invest on our Classic Lumpbreaker ?
Easy cleaning and maintenance.
Equipment designed to integrate an ATEX installation.
Compact equipment.