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The Hammer-Knife Universal Mill is the combination between a Hammer Mill and an Universal Mill. As the FORPLEX FNG Mill it can be equipped with different grinding tools (hammer plate ou blade plate) which are adjustable in relation to the product to be ground. The FK Mill has the same advantages as the Universal Pin Mill FNG : easy to use, easy to clean, easy to maintain, but also simplicity of changing the grinding tools or grids.

Perfect for technical applications such as the grinding of natural ingredients (knife rotor designed for the crushing of plants), the FK mill was designed to meet the standards of the foodstuffs industry, fine chemicals industry, pharmaceuticals industry, nuclear industry or even for cosmetics. It can meet FDA, GMP or ANIA standards and criteria.

With the robustness and strength of hammer crusher, the FK installation gets plenty of options as the Unversal Pin Mill FORPLEX depending of your grinding solution. Our equipment can be installed on an inerted installation (with oxygen control in an open and closed grinding loop) , in a cryogenic installation (liquid nitrogen cooling for fine grinding of heat-sensitive or hard-to-grind products) but also in an explosion-resistant installation (equipment meeting the ATEX standard and explosion-resistant). It can be, depending of your standards, built on stainless steel 316L with 3.1 raw material certificate.

Inlet size up to
Outlet size up to
kilograms per hour.
Sieving screens up to


The product is fed above the grinding chamber. Grinding is achieved by impact and projection of the raw material between the rotating tools turning at high speed and the fixed tools on the equipment. The particle size obtained is adjustable via a wide range of sieving screens from 0.2mm to 20mm. Each parameter can be edited depending on the particle size required (airflow rate, grinding equipment, feeding rate, sieving screen dimension, rotation speed ...)

When the product is ground it falls down by gravitation and is send to the next step of the grinding loop.