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The ATTRIMILL is an attrition mill (or kinetic mill) principally used for plastics or fibrous products. It combines three physical principles that generate efficient ultra-fine grinding.

  • The auto-comminution of the particles generated by the upward air spiral,

  • The comminution of the particles created by pressure changes generated by variations in the air flux /matter projections against the blades and the stator,

  • The shearing of the particles between the blades and stator grooves.

The internal design of the mill depends upon the type of product and the required fineness.
The range is divided into several versions according to the sector of activity and products to be treated: Stainless steel for food-stuffs, pharmaceuticals or chemicals, ceramic lining for abrasive products, resistance to an accidental explosion (PSR 10 bars) etc...
We have a full range from the ATM8 (several kg/h) up to the ATM600 (up to 25t/h).

The ATTRIMILL exists in a vertical or horizontal version, the latter being a preferable choice for the larger models that require a high level of mechanical reliability.

tons per hour
High level drying up to
% of moisture
High-fineness down to
Up to
kw power installed


The ATTRIMILL works by propelling the material through an air circuit. The material is progressively pulverised along the rotor through impact against the blades and the liner grooves and auto-comminution as the particles impact against each other.

Advantages and benefits
Why to invest on our Attrition Mill ATTRIMILL ?
Simultaneous drying and grinding process
energy produced by grinding is reused for drying
Efficient with fibrous products
With attrition process the product is grinded without replacing personnel lost through retirement of resignation.
Particle size control
in association with a classifier or a sifter.
Temperature control
with ambiant or cooled air for temperature sensitive products.
Safety of grinding
Inert gas is injected for flammable products