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The SMA is a mechanical air-classifier, autonomous equipment designed to separate a material of intermediate fineness (0 to 5 mm for instance) or a ground product (0 to 1 mm or less) into two fractions of different finenesses :

  • one fine fraction (particles from 0 to 40 microns up to 500 microns);

  • one coarse fraction (from 40 microns to 5 mm for instance).

This air classifier can be used either as a classifier operating in an open circuit (for extraction of natural raw material like sand for instance) or in a closed milling circuit, to control the fineness of ground product or to "preclassify" when the classifier is placed after the air separator and grinding oversize only.

Our classifiers are lanufactured in 11 different sizes : from an internal diameter of 500 mm up to 6 000 mm, with a capacity range from 1-300 tph.
Due to ease of adjustment, the POITTEMILL air classifier can be used to classify practically the whole range of materials of mineral origin, with in each case, an efficient, clear-cut separation of feed material.

Throughput up to
tons per hour.
Cut down to
Internal diameter up to
Vield up to


Advantages and benefits
Why to invest on our Air Mechanical Classifier ?
Compact equipment
Can work alone into a full open loop process or in association with a Pendulum Roller Mill in a closed loop process.
Zero risk of pollution
into the bearings
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Integrated dryer
Easiness of cut adjustment