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Since more than 80 years, Poittemill and Forplex have always involved to the future for a better grinding industry. This is why we have developed a series of solutions focused on sustainability and future food industry : Protein Booster.

Protein Booster is a range of 5 industrial processes with 4 innovative patents included, dedicated to the greenfood and the foodstuffs industry, especially in the plant based-foods industry.

The main strategic axis is to provide you the best solution without the cons of any traditional process. Thanks to Protein Booster solutions, the consumption of water and energy is lower than classic process (> 40% with innovative solution Black Box) as the capital expenditure. Your product is of better quality, with a higher protein content and preserved from abrasion, all this with less maintenance and less equipment.

Protein enrichment, dehulling, separation of high proteins and low proteins, flour and fibers coproducts, byproducts valorization and even «Black Box» under patenting process... Thanks to innovative solutions that break with what exists, a large range of applications is possible, only by grinding and classifying plenty of products like beans, cereals, starchs, seeds, leguminous, oilseeds ... Among others !

Not convinced ? All our Protein Booster® solutions are available in our test centre in France ! We can find you the solution adapted to the constraints linked to your project, while guaranteeing you a significant gain in your final product and in your energy savings.

Associated solutions
Range of equipment
Attrition Mill ATTRIMILL
Universal Mill
Mill with integrated Classifier
Hammer-Knife Mill