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Foodstuffs industry is the most important industry in France, as in terms of companies than in therms of employees. The trends is to the innovative products, like protein extraction, luxury goods and require consistent high product quality with the best possible efficiency.

In the foodstuffs industry, both legal constraints and customer expectations are higher than in any other industry. The highest standards therefore also apply to the quality and properties of the machinery and plant used.

When you need to grind food, you require easy cleaning and respect of raw product flavour or taste. Safety is a concern both from a general industrial operation perspective and particulary explosion risks that come from working with some foods, like sugar for instance.

POITTEMILL and FORPLEX have extensive experience in supplying installations for the foodstuff and animal food industries. For certain products, it is possible to work in a cryogenic environment.

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Range of equipment
Attrition Mill ATTRIMILL
Universal Mill
Mill with integrated Classifier
Universal Laboratory Mill
R&D Mill
R&D Grinding Unit
Laboratory Lumpbreaker
High-Yield Pulverizer