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Dry-clay preparation is a key POITTEMILL process. Fine-grinding stands as a landmark innovation in raw material mix preparation. The satisfaction of those adopting fine-grind processing justifies POITTEMILL's development

Our solution has many process advantages : we can treat clay impurities totally (lime, pyrite or calcium carbonate for instance), allowing the use of raw materials previously unfit for the production of high-quality finished products. The outer appearance is smoother, with a perfect skin, giving to finishes products a greater commercial value.

By grinding the raw materials to an ultra-fine powder, a greater homogeneity is achieved that reinforces the internal shard and mechanical strength of tiles / inner wall blocks.
The thickness of finished products can be reduced by over 20% whilst demonstrating an improved resistance to freezing.

POITTEMILL is positioned at the forefront of the Ceramics Industry. Trust on our expertise for your project !

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