Hammer Mill
Hammer Mill (MA)


The MA (or Hammer mill) is an impact grinder that crushes the input material between the hammer (or knife) plate and a stator fitted with a sieving screen perforated for the required particle size.
It is generally used as a pre-grinder positioned upstream of a grinding installation. The MA breaks up blocks of raw material into smaller particles capable of being treated by a mill for fine grinding.


The products are fed tangentially into the grinding chamber and then transported by the articulated hammers onto a rotor turning at high or medium speed. The products are crushed in the lower part, above the sieving screen or perforated sheet. The products remain in the machine until they have reached the required particle size to pass through the sieving screen.


  • Robust machine.
  • Large production capacity.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Screens easily changed.
  • Reversible treated steel tools for increased service life.



Particle Size :Feeding from 0 to 100 mm, Output from 1 to 30mm.
Throughput :From 100 kg/h to more than 100 T/h.
Application Range :Minerals (Asbestos, Clay, Barite, Limestone, Coal, Dolomite, Gypsum, Kaolin, Magnesia, Phosphates, Salt, Foundry sand, Talc, etc.), Foodstuff (Cereals, sugar, etc.), Chemicals (Fertilizer, Colorants, Resins, etc.), Metals (Battery recycling, Aluminium, etc.)...