Dynamic ‘Dynair’ air classifier
Dynamic ‘Dynair’ air classifier (DYNAIR)


The DYNAIR is a Double Whizzer Dynamic classifier.

This type of separator is usually installed on Pendulum Roller mills but can be used in a pneumatic circuit, alone or combined with a Pulverizer or Ball mill with the possibility of recycling the over-sized particles.


Classification results from the combination of air circulation and centrifugal force exerted by a turbine. Obtainable fineness ranges from 100 to 40µm. Over-sized particles are propelled against the wall of the separator and evacuated as rejects towards the bottom of the separator. The fine particles are carried upwards by centripetal force (air circulation) past the rotor and are evacuated to the particle collector. The separator is pulley-belt driven with an electronic speed variation motor.



Particle Size :Feeding from 0 to 5mm, Cut from 400 to 30µ.
Throughput :From 1 T/h to 200 T/h.
Application Range :Minerals, Oil...