Dynamic cyclone
Dynamic cyclone (CYCLODYN)


This Cyclone equipped with a variable speed turbine allows for yields up to 99.5%.

It can be used for the following purposes :

- For installations that require frequent cleaning : The CYCLODYN has easy access which facilitates cleaning. In this case, the quantity of fine particles that escapes from the cyclone is reduced to a minimum and collected in a downstream filter. The cleaning of the filter which can be long and fastidious becomes less frequent, even optional.

- For dedusting the collected product (reduction of the rate of ultra-fines), the yield of the CYCLODYN is voluntarily reduced. It can be installed downstream of a mill or classifier.


  • Yield control.
  • Easy maintenance and access.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Line cleaning.



Application Range :Installation requiring frequent cleaning or elimination of ultra-fines.